Heir hunting: Why we might get in touch with you out of the blue

Why would we contact you?

Our team of professional researchers and are dedicated to tracking down beneficiaries of unclaimed estates.

If one of our letters lands through your post box, there are several reasons why we’re getting in touch.

It could be that we are checking to see if we have found the correct family.

We might be trying to locate certain members of your family - and need your help to do so.

We may believe there is a possibility that you may be an heir to an unclaimed estate.

Obviously, we understand that you may be a bit sceptical about the whole process. But we would urge you to give us a call to find out more. It won’t cost you anything and you’re not obliged to proceed if you don’t want to.

Why don’t we tell you who’s passed away?

When we first get in touch with potential beneficiaries, we always maintain the strictest levels of privacy. Consequently, we will never write to anyone and tell them the name of deceased.

Firstly, this is because we don’t always know how accurate our information is at the initial research stage.

The second main reason why we don’t reveal the name of the deceased is because we don’t always know whether the letter will end up in the hands of the person it was intended for, and therefore we only put minimum amount of information in it.

In certain circumstances, there can be two people with the same name in the same area. But only one of them might be a relative. We don’t want to inform a stranger about the death of a named person in the event they have a similar named person within their family who is alive and well.

What type of cases do we work on?

As professional researchers, we specialise in locating relatives of people who have died without leaving a valid Will (known as Intestate) and when no relatives could be found.

If we contact you, there’s a strong possibility you may be able to claim an estate which would otherwise go to the Government.

We are continuously working on a wide variety of cases.

For some, we have been contracted to work for Solicitors who need to find relatives named in Wills or in Intestate cases where other family members need to be found.

We also work on Bona Vacantia lists where an estate is in danger of being passed to the Crown – because no Will has been left and no heirs were located.

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Heir hunting: Why we might get in touch with you out of the blue

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