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Researching your family tree turns your ancestors into far more than just a name. People, places and purpose.

If you need help to tie your family history together, our researchers will be happy to lend a hand.

With our expertise, you can unearth relatives you never knew about and learn about people from your past.

If required, we can provide a printing service to display your Family Tree on a large B0+ (44 inches) canvas.

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Why choose us?

Enlist our help and benefit from an unrivalled set of skills and expertise.

  • Years of experience – established in 1995
  • Dedicated team of heir hunters & genealogists
  • Employ ex-policemen & former criminologists
  • Experienced international probate researchers
  • We solve family history mysteries on a daily basis

Trusted & experienced researchers

Our professional researchers are experts at finding old friends, unknown relatives and discovering the origins of ancestors.

Established in 1995, our team is dedicated to tracking down the truth.

We use public records, persistence and years of expertise to uncover accurate information you can trust.

I was informed at every step

Allyson, Canada

“Although it was a surprise to receive a letter, I found the service completely professional and I was informed at every step.”

I received my inheritance quickly

Frances, South Africa

“Always helpful and their response time is amazing. Nothing was too much hassle and I received my inheritance quickly.”

You diligently conducted the whole matter

Chris, Somerset

“If it wasn't for you, I would've had no knowledge of my late uncle's estate - I'm very pleased with the way you diligently conducted the whole matter.”

Very professional and easy

Theresa, Essex

“Thank-you for the quick and efficient way you dealt with my inheritance - very professional and easy.”

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