Very professional and easy to make my claim

Just wanted to say thank you for the quick and efficient way you dealt with my inheritance. Very professional and easy to make my claim.

Theresa from Essex

I found them to be completely professional

Although it was a surprise to receive a letter from DS Researchers, I found them to be completely professional. I was informed of an estimated time of conclusion to the enquiries and they were prompt in replying to my query.

Allyson from CANADA

DSResearchers are a professional and highly efficient company

DSResearchers are a professional and highly efficient company. My late uncles Estate was taken care of in a thoroughly diligent manner. If it wasn't for DSResearchers I would have had no knowledge of my late uncles Estate and I am very pleased with the way they conducted the whole matter.

Chris from Somerset

Always helpful and response time amazing

I recently had dealings with DS Researchers, in particular Richard Broad regarding Inheritance money due to me.


Richard was exceptional. Always helpful and response time amazing. Nothing was too big for him to handle. I received my Inheritance.


I just want to extend a huge "thank you" to Richard and DS Researchers for their outstanding work.

Frances from South Africa

I would recommend your services

May I say that you dealt with everything in a most meticulous and professional manner, and I would recommend your services to anyone without hesitation.

David from Lancashire

You have been wonderful, infinitely courteous and professional

Funds are received and processed and a better Christmas gift there couldn’t be right now.


I hope we have not hounded you too much or been to awful. You have been wonderful, infinitely courteous and professional in your communications and thank you for embarking on this journey and facilitating it. You made it an absolute pleasure and at this time of year I think we can officially name you Santa!


From the shores of Cape Town (with our traditional South Easter wind howling down Table Mountain and having us clinging to street poles - not for the faint at heart traveler to our town) enormous gratitude and the richest of blessings over Christmastime and wishing you delightful and delighted benefactors.

Carolyn from South Africa

South Africa

I would just like to thank you for the part you have played in all of this over the past many months. Your response was always within 24 hours and your help exemplary. I feel as if we have got to know one another! Thanks for everything. Good luck and best wishes.

Wendy from South Africa

Thanks for the very efficient service

I am writing to express my thanks for the very efficient service provided by your organization in determining the  assets of my dear cousin, who passed away intestate.


In particular I would like to mention how helpful your assistant was during the investigation which was much appreciated.


Kind regards to all your staff.



I am glad that I trusted them

When I was approached by DSResearchers I was very suspicious that a scam was taking place. Having done some research I established that they were legitimate and sent them my Birth Certificate. I was again nervous when I heard no more and my Birth Certificate had not been returned as promised. I requested it back and it was duly returned. I thought no more about it and did not expect to hear anything. I was therefore delighted to receive a letter with a cheque to say that they had been successful. The process takes a very long time but I am glad that I trusted them and confirm that they did a thorough job.


DSResearchers very professional and helpful each step of the way

"I was astonished to hear of a distant relative of whom I had absolutely no knowledge when DSResearchers contacted me. They asked a few simple questions about my parentage and dealt with everything else. I expected little to come from it but was pleasantly surprised to receive a very useful sum. I found the people at DSResearchers very professional and helpful each step of the way. I warmly recommend them to anyone needing their kind of service."

Paul from Leeds

Unknown branch of my family tree

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to thank you for your investigation into a hither to unknown branch of my family tree, thereby revealing a surprise inheritance to my advantage. I would, therefore, recommend the services of DSResearchers to anyone contemplating carrying out such work themselves.

LS, Suffolk

Like to thank DSResearchers

We would just like to thank DSResearchers for all the work they have put in, not just on the estate but to the family tree.

Linda from Yorkshire

Welcome payment

"I receive at least one fraudulent attempt or scam each week and consequently your first few letters were treated with suspicion and binned. Fortunately, you persevered and I carried out some basic checks and decided you were at worst just cold callers touting for business. I responded to your correspondence with caution. I am very glad that I did as it resulted in me receiving a significant and welcome payment from the Estate of a previously unknown deceased relative. I was never asked for any money and your remuneration was deducted from my inheritance before payment. Your fee was I felt both reasonable and justified. Well done. Thank you."

Carole from Merseyside

Your approach throughout was thoroughly professional

I must compliment you on the manner in which you’ve dealt with the matter of this legacy. I admit to having been a bit sceptical when initially approached by you, due to the plethora of on-line scams currently on the internet. My doubts were totally unfounded. Your approach throughout was thoroughly professional, both in our correspondence and on the occasions when I had need to speak with your staff personally on the phone. They were friendly, helpful, brief and to the point. Since I was calling from Australia, that was important to me. As were the cheerful Yorkshire accents which reminded me of my earlier years spent in the West Riding! The financial outcome of our mutual dealings was an unexpected bonus that has given great pleasure to our family. I am most grateful, not only to my distant deceased relative, but to your organisation for drawing it to my attention and facilitating it.


Brian from Australia

We were surprised and intrigued

“I am writing to express our gratitude and thanks for the work your team put into finding beneficiaries of the estate.


My brother was contacted initially and having seen some of the television programmes, knew the company was legitimate and phoned me to let me know I probably would receive a letter too, which I did.


We were surprised and intrigued, as we knew nothing of any such family member. We really weren't expecting to receive any money.”

Sue from Dorset

I wished to thank you for your professionalism

Having just received an inheritance cheque I wished to thank you for your professionalism. Also to receive a family tree was a lovely bonus.


Resolving the recent case of my family's inheritance

I would like to record my thanks to DSResearchers for their dedication and professionalism when resolving the recent case of my family's inheritance.

I would like to thank DSResearchers

With regard to the recent inheritance settlement, I would like to thank DSResearchers for their professional manner and help throughout a seemingly protracted case for them. They were always willing to help with questions and kept us informed about the situation as it evolved. It was both easy and painless from my side.

Adrian from Essex

I was most impressed

“I was most impressed with how you dealt with the Estate of my distant cousin Gillian. When a child at the end of the war, I remember meeting Gillian with her dad; granddad taking my mum and me with him on a visit to see his brother.”

Jennifer from Northampton

Our whole experience with DS Researchers was very positive

“After initially being sceptical about receiving a letter from DS Researchers, we did some research, telephoned the company and were immediately reassured that the letter was genuine. Throughout our dealings we had the need to telephone on a few occasions. Each time we were given plenty of information and help. After the case we were involved in was finalized, I enquired about a family tree, and received this in the post a few days later. Our whole experience with DS Researchers was very positive.”

Thank you DSResearchers for your excellent service

“Thank you DSResearchers for your excellent service. I have been informed throughout the process of settling my relatives estate. Whenever I had a query it was dealt with promptly and politely to my satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend your service.


Now that the estate is settled I am completely happy that it was all done as well and probably better than any other company.”

Amy From Essex

I didn't know I had so many living relatives

Thank you, very well done. I didn't know I had so many living relatives.

John from Spain

Have now received an inheritance from a cousin I last saw sixty years ago

The first letter I received was clear and explanatory also contained an information sheet with answers to questions I might have.


Asking for original or certified copies of birth certificate and a utility bill as proof of address. Made me think Scam!!


After a phone call to D.S.Researchers I was reassured it was genuine.


I was kept well informed at every stage and found them very professional and helpful.


Have now received an inheritance from a cousin I last saw sixty years ago.


Thank you all for your hard work and excellent service over approximately two years from your first letter. (and for the copy of our family tree).

Bernard in East Anglia

I have been immensely impressed

“The letter I received from DSResearchers was complete surprise.   That they had found me to start with was remarkable. All the very intricate research that must have been necessary just to find me, never mind all the other distant family relations .  I certainly had no idea that I had a very distant relation on my paternal grandmother’s side of my family, let alone that he had died without leaving a will. The amount of detail involved that DSResearchers  investigated was truly incredible.


I have been immensely impressed by the standard of work and dedication of DSResearchers and would have no hesitation in recommending them”

Patricia from Belgium

I was very impressed with the helpful response by the staff

Following settlement of a relatives estate I requested possible access to the extended family information you had collected. I was very impressed with the helpful response by the staff I spoke to informing me your service extended to providing a copy of the family tree your research compiled. This arrived by post the next day. A brilliant professional service and it was a pleasure to deal with you.

Christine from Middlesbrough

Amazed I was contacted and a bit excited

  • Amazed I was contacted and a bit excited
  • rn
  • All paperwork seemed in order and explained thoroughly
  • rn
  • Easy to contact via e-mail and telephone
  • rn
  • Fast and efficient
  • rn

Anne from London

My parents and myself never knew him

I was extremely pleased with the way DSResearchers carried out the investigation.


Thank you for your help, and also keeping me advised as the investigation moved on.


Sadly Kenneth lived only a few streets away from where I lived in the 1950s, my parents and myself never knew him.


Many thanks again.

Roy from Lincolnshire

Discovered an unknown cousin

DSResearchers discovered an unknown cousin of mine who had died in 2016. They were very straight forward in their terms of business and researching the Probate issues. Having agreed they researched my mother's family which was no mean feat bearing in mind she had many siblings.


DSR were highly efficient in finding all those entitled. I could not have carried such thorough work myself. The cost including Administration fees were very fair and reasonable and I have no hesitation in giving DSR my recommendation. An excellent service.

Terry from Ipswich

From Australia

I must compliment you on the manner in which you’ve dealt with this matter. I must also admit to being a bit apprehensive when initially approached by you, but my doubts were totally unfounded.

Brian from Australia

Unexpected windfall - Cumbria

Thank you very much for all your hard work. Everything was explained with clarity and was given clear information about the progress of the case. I was very grateful to receive such an unexpected windfall.

Harry from Cumbria

Very sceptical at first

Despite being very sceptical on receipt of the first letter, I rang DSResearchers who reassured me that it was genuine. With every subsequent telephone call, the staff with no exception, were extremely pleasant and helpful, keeping me well informed at all times. I have now received my small inheritance. Thank you to all concerned.

Feedback from Bristol

My brother and I would like to thank you for the money and the very efficient way you handled this claim.

Brian from Bristol

Feedback from Jill

Last June my sister and I received letter from DSResearchers advising we may be entitled to some money from a deceased relatives Estate. Having watched Heir Hunters I convinced my sister that it was genuine and we gave our consent for them to act on our behalf. Over a year later we received our entitlement, which completely shocked us as to the value of our inheritance. Since then my sister has been in contact with DSResearchers who have been extremely helpful in providing the family tree and other information, I would highly recommend them.


Feedback from Irene

Very please to receive an unexpected cheque after a long time. All the hard work locating all the relatives really paid off. Many thanks.

Irene from Hampshire

Feedback from Caroline

Our dealings with DSResearchers was easy, professional and comfortable considering the content. In our case in related to a deceased parent and information was delivered with sensitivity. No money was requested and the outcome was to our financial advantage, although we were told it might not be. DSResearchers can be trusted and their advice followed with confidence.


Feedback from Margaret

After the initial shock of receiving a letter from yourselves, it was a total surprise to find I had inherited a small sum of money which was dealt with by yourselves in a very professional manner. Many thanks for all your hard work in tracing everyone concerned.


Feedback 2017

“ Very efficient service. All fees clearly explained up front and were very reasonable considering the amount of work and expertise involved. Furthermore, unless DS Researchers hadn't contacted me, I would have been completely unaware of the legacy. I have no hesitation in recommending this service”.

From anonymous

Thanks Sally

“It was all a lovely surprise. Poor dad isn’t with us anymore but wouldn’t have believed it. You have been lovely all the way through and have really looked after us”

June from York

Feedback from Catherine

Thank you for all your help recently, I found your researchers to be very professional and helpful each time a I contacted you.


Our claim has now been resolved and the copy of family tree you gave me was very helpful.Thank you again.


James Scanlon

What a thorough and efficient service is provided by your company. I found the results you provided absolutely amazing. I have relatives I never knew existed and the family tree we received was so informative and emotional, that to see all my relations past and present was a total pleasure. Thank you for all you’ve done and for all I hope to do in the future from my family tree.

James Scanlon

Christine from Gloucestershire

DSResearchers are very professional, totally reliable, and do a lot of hard work to find the relatives needed to complete their investigation.


Once I understood who they were, watched BBC Heir Hunters and spoke a few times via phone with them I felt confident that they were 'genuine' and looked forward to knowing what the outcome was going to be.


On completion a few weeks ago I was sent a cheque with all information I needed to how their work had been done.


Many, many thanks to you all!

Christine from Gloucestershire

Feedback 2017

I would like to say all of your staff were most helpful, kind and professional, especially Richard whom I had most dealings with. Any e-mails were replied to within 24 hours and nothing was too much trouble there was not a large amount of money involved. The amount of work involved to find 27 relatives must have been enormous, so thank you.

Regards Sheila B from Carshalton

Feedback - Susan

I was very happy with the way you kept me informed of what was happening and with the information that you needed from me, so all in all a good service and no complaints, thank you.

Susan from Worthing


Having been contacted by DSResearchers I was a little apprehensive at first but due to the quick response and payment received as per their letter I've nothing but praise so thank you so much.


Feedback - Ron Goding

I would like to thank DSResearchers for their professional expertise in tracking down my inheritance which came as a complete surprise to me.


The amount of money involved wasn't that much but was still very welcome

Ron Goding

Very Happy With Service

Very happy with service provided.

Angela, Wales

Frederick from Gloucestershire

In Nov 2014 I received a letter from DSResearchers regarding a cousin of mine I last saw in about 1951. They informed me that he had passed away and that I may be a beneficiary. In 2016 after their research and hard work I was very pleased to receive a cheque for four figures. Well done DSResearchers and thank you.

Frederick from Gloucestershire

Testimonial from Australia

Whilst the process could have been outlined more clearly in the initial contacts ultimately I came to understand how the necessary family research and the resultant time taken, was of great importance in arriving at the final outcome.


I would recommend DSResearchers because without their role, Intestate Estates would remain totally unknown to descendants and especially for those of family who have emigrated as is the case with our family and would therefore never know to make a claim.

Susan – Australia

We met with Anna today; she is a lovely women as is her Daughter

I have never met a person who is so driven with the job that they even take time out of their holiday to try and help resolve problems for someone who died here in Spain, he died alone and without anyone to do for him now he has gone, but along came Anna and without any thought of any capital gain and using her “OWN MONEY” she steamed in to try to get papers together to help the poor deceased be moved to his final resting place.


This is one committed lady who loves her job and has no hesitation assisting whether on holiday or not..


I personally thank her (and also her Daughter) for putting up with the short interlude to her holiday..


Anna, you are a star, thanks for your patience, company and drinks..


Enjoy the remaining time of your holiday…


Would I recommend DS Researchers to anyone…. YES... Without question Regards to them and all reading this

Peter B, Spain

Dear Sirs

Anyone who telephones you out of the blue and says there is a possibility a long lost relative has left you money in their will  should get the telephone slammed down on them with a few choice words added! However when the lady from DS Researchers phoned she was calm , confident and had a list of facts already. She quickly convinced me that she was genuine so we agreed to proceed. All through the process we were kept fully informed .  We did not expect to receive much money but found my relatives history very interesting and it certainly filled in a gap in our family history. I was therefor pleasantly surprised to receive quite a substantial cheque .


DSResearchers acted in a very friendly and professional manner through the entire process and I would recommencement them to anyone.

Josephine Dibley

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