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Our dedicated Team of heir hunters is made up of genealogists, former police officers and criminologists with years of experience.


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Out of respect for the departed and their family, we only reveal the deceased’s name once a person is proven to be an heir.

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You won’t pay any up-front fees. If you claim an inheritance, we get an agreed percentage of that figure. No success, no fee.


Trusted & experienced genealogists in the field of probate research.

Established in 1995, our researchers are dedicated to tracking down beneficiaries so they can rightfully claim the assets of their deceased relatives.

Without our persistence and expertise, these hard-earned assets could be seized by the Government or other authorities.

To ensure success, we delve into historical records to trace unknown relatives solving mysteries in family history.


We work on behalf of Solicitors to locate any unknown heirs named in will or beneficiaries in intestate cases.

Public Sector

We help local authorities discover if any relatives exist who can inherit an Intestate person’s estate, from which funeral costs can be recovered.


We contact potential beneficiaries so they can rightfully claim the estates their deceased relatives worked hard to build, rather than see it handed to the Government.

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Why have we contacted you?

When our letter lands in the post, people are sometimes surprised – and sceptical – about why we’re getting in touch.

As professional researchers, we specialise in locating relatives of people who have died without leaving a valid Will and when no ancestors could be found.

If we contact you, there’s a strong possibility you may be able to claim an estate which would otherwise go to the Government.

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UK & International research

We are proud to be trusted UK heir hunters, genealogists and international probate researchers.

From our headquarters in Hull, we carry out investigations on unclaimed estates in Great Britain, Ireland and throughout the world.

We have successfully recovered assets for beneficiaries from as far afield as Australia, Canada, South Africa & more!

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We’re fully committed to handling personal information you’ve supplied to us in compliance with the latest GDPR laws, and we’ll never share your details.

I was informed at every step

Allyson, Canada

“Although it was a surprise to receive a letter, I found the service completely professional and I was informed at every step.”

I received my inheritance quickly

Frances, South Africa

“Always helpful and their response time is amazing. Nothing was too much hassle and I received my inheritance quickly.”

You diligently conducted the whole matter

Chris, Somerset

“If it wasn't for you, I would've had no knowledge of my late uncle's estate - I'm very pleased with the way you diligently conducted the whole matter.”

Very professional and easy

Theresa, Essex

“Thank-you for the quick and efficient way you dealt with my inheritance - very professional and easy.”

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People we get in touch with are always keen to discover more in-depth details about our research services.

Take a look at the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive – and understand how Intestate law works.

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