How to check our heir hunting researchers are genuine and legitimate

We fully understand that our calls or letters often come as a surprise.

Sometimes the information we provide sounds like it is too good to be true.

In most cases, we are simply trying to prove that a person who we think could be a beneficiary is entitled to claim the estate in question.

There are actions you can take to establish our validity of our work - and put your mind at rest.

Seek legal advice at your own cost

Ask your local Police force to contact us & verify that we are a bona fide business.

Do your own research on the internet, or get a friend to do it.

The best action is to call us to discuss our research and we will always try to assist by answering any questions as much as possible.

Why might you suddenly be contacted by several researchers?

A list of unclaimed estates is released by the government legal department almost on a daily basis – and these can be checked by various professional researchers in England and Wales.

Like us, other researchers are free to look into each case – but we can never be certain about who is researching what and vice versa.

Should you sign an agreement with them?

In our experience, it’s best to get in touch with each one to discuss the services they are proposing.

Don’t just focus on the firm with the lowest ‘success fee’ as that should not be the most important factor you consider.

Remember, the percentage fee that you agree is not the only expense(s) that will be taken out of the estate.

The estate will need to be administered and that will involve the gathering in of all assets and the paying off of any debts. The administration costs will depend on how much work is involved.

These fees need to be considered and, as with all things, these can be higher in some areas than in others.

As research firms are not regulated, they and can charge estate whatever they please, therefore don’t fall into the trap of them offering to administer the estate themselves. This is often a tactic for firms who have a low headline percentage as it allows them to make more money in other areas.

DSResearchers, will not administer estates but refer you to a specialist independent company who offer great value service at reasonable costs to the estate.

We believe this is important because these fees will eventually come out of the final estate settlement, providing you with a larger potential windfall which is also in our interest.

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How to check our heir hunting researchers are genuine and legitimate

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